Gayle King

Gayle King, Hot Pockets, and RC. Great way to start the day. #ThursdayBreakfast #rusticcuff
October 2014

not sure what it takes to qualify for the definition
of "trending" but since both Gayle King
AND Hoda Kotb wore the RC Radius on the
same day, at the same time...maybe we are one step closer.
September 2014

usually not a fan of matchy matchy but today calls for an exception to that rule.
#GayleKing #CBSthisMorning

September 2014


thanks Gayle for being so excited about starting
your day with us.
we feel the same way about you.


Gayle King wearing RC while hanging
with Kristin Chenoweth and Andy Cohen
on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live!
July 2014

Gayle King attends the 15th Annual
Art for Life Gala at Fairview Farms
July 2014
Rustic Cuff 2-inch yellow/white
Python Cuff on her right arm.

have to admit,
we liked being a part of Gayle King's wardrobe choice
on CBS This Morning!
July 2014