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      Although Rustic Cuff is best known for our beaded bracelets and cuffs, we also have many necklaces available, many of which coordinate perfectly with our bracelets.

      Some of our most popular necklaces for sale are our gold or silver chains featuring a delicate colored stone. One of these necklaces will make an excellent gift if your loved one’s birthstone is red, black, or turquoise. Choose a beaded bracelet in matching colors to go with it.

      Our dog-tag style necklaces added to heavy paper clip chains are fully customizable — you can get the recipient’s initials, name, or a date engraved onto the pendant. We also offer these with inspirational messages such as “hope” and “faith,” as well as the symbol of the cross.

      Maybe your loved one would like an engraved leather or cork pendant necklace. You can get them in silver or gold, and a cross or a heart are options as well.

      Take a look at our beaded, mixed metal necklaces and our full selection of engravable pendant necklaces and letter necklaces for sale. We also have sterling silver necklaces, personalized photo necklaces, stone pendant necklaces, and much more!

      While shopping, you may want to add some beaded bracelets too. All your favorite accessories will come from Rustic Cuff!