Contact Information

If you would like to contact us… - We are available Monday through Friday 9-5 CST to answer any questions you may have regarding orders, products and the world of RC.  We would love to hear from you.  You can also reach us at (918) 804-8404. - Are you wanting assistance with raising funds for a group, project or event?  We would love to have the opportunity to help you. Please send an email to this address and we will get you started in the process. - Interested in selling RC at your boutique or store front? There is an application on our website you can find here  Once you have filled out the application, you can contact us at this email or call us at 918-794-6466. - Do you have questions about being a member of one of our monthly cuff clubs? Send us an email and we will help you with any questions regarding your RC monthly subscription(s). - Congratulations!  If you are a social media contest winner, please contact us here. - We often run specials that are aired on T.V. shows such as Good Morning America and The View.  This email address is monitored during those specials and given top priority to insure we get all your questions answered while the special is available. - If you are interested in working for RC, please email a resume to this email address. We are always accepting resumes. - This email is set aside for those of you who place an order for a custom cuff and need to submit your artwork to our graphics department.  Please include your order number in the subject line. This email address is not monitored for custom order questions, however. If you have questions on your order, please contact us at our regular customer service email or phone number listed above. - For speaking engagement requests for Jill Donovan, please send inquiries to:  Please include all pertinent information in your email including name of organization, speaking date request, your contact info including: full name, email address and telephone number. Also include any event details for the particular date you are requesting. Thank you!

For Handwritten Inquiries (Jill Donovan) - P.O. Box 35427, Tulsa, OK . 74153