August-July (12 Month Prepaid Cuff of the Month Subscription)

$ 576.00
Rustic Cuff of the Month needs to be purchased separate from any other items.
This 6 month prepaid subscription is for the RC Cuff of the Month Club which is an exclusive members-only club. Once you purchase this prepaid subscription, you can choose to have the cuffs delivered you or if you would like to gift the subscription to someone else, you can choose a different "ship to" address.  You will then begin receiving a monthly exclusive cuff shipped to you/or the gift recipient during the first week of each month (for the next 12 months).  The 5th of the month, you will be shipped your exclusive cuff with no additional shipping fees. 
The RC Cuff of the Month cuffs are exclusive to RC COTM members only and will not be available at any other time other than the month in which they are featured within the COTM Club. Each month these exclusive cuffs will be a complete mystery to each member until your shipment arrives at your door (not viewable before shipment). The cuffs cannot be returned for any reason other than a quality issue. If you do not wish to keep your cuff or it does not fit you personally, you simply give your cuff as a gift to another and enjoy the joy of "paying it forward." RC Cuff of the Month cuffs cannot be returned or refunded.
RC Cuff of the Month club highlights:
-Exclusive RC Cuff of the Month cuffs available ONLY to members
-NO returns or refunds for any reason other than quality issue
-Shipping is free
-Cuffs will ship the first week of each month
-No in-store pickups allowed
For any questions, please contact