Rustic Cuff Regifters Club

The heart and soul of what we do has evolved into a movement of regifting. The generosity of our amazing RC friends and family have in turn, inspired the Rustic Cuff Regifters Club. The hope is that the regifting will go on and on. The Rustic Cuff Regifters Club (RC2) is a members-only club available to all customers who complete the sign-up and authorization process. Once per month, you will receive two cuffs for the price of one. These cuffs are inspirational cuffs, meant for you to keep one and share one.

Once you have completed the online sign up process, you or your gift recipient are officially a member of the Rustic Cuff Regifters Club. Once you purchase this subscription, you can choose to have the cuffs delivered to you or if you would like to gift the subscription to someone else, you can choose a different "ship to" address. You will then begin receiving a monthly shipment of two cuffs shipped to you during the third week of each month - one to keep and one to give away.

The two cuffs you receive will be a complete mystery until the shipment arrives at your door (not viewable before shipment). The cuffs cannot be returned for any reason other than a quality issue. If you do not wish to keep your cuff or it does not fit you personally, you simply give your cuff as a gift to another as well as giving away the second complimentary cuff included in your shipment. Rustic Cuff Regifters Club cuffs cannot be returned or refunded, by you or the person to whom you gift the second cuff.

Rustic Cuff Regifters Club highlights:
  • $38/per month
  • Credit card billed on the 5th of each month
  • Cancel or pause membership BEFORE the 5th to avoid credit card charge
  • NO returns or refunds for any reason other than quality issue
  • Shipping is free
  • Cuffs will ship the third week of each month
  • No in-store pickups allowed
  • RC Cuff of the Month accounts completely managed online by the customer, not by RC customer service
For any questions, please contact

2 Cuffs Shipped Monthly


$ 38 / Month
Free Shipping
Order by the 15th to receive the current month's shipment.
Regifters needs to be purchased separate from any other items.