Engraved Necklaces

Engraved Necklaces

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      At Rustic Cuff, we are known for our custom bracelets, but we also make personalized necklaces. These make great gifts alone, or you can pair them with a customized bracelet.

      We offer a variety of styles of gold and silver necklaces suitable for engraving. You can choose a round pendant, a block, a gold bar, or a narrow leather insert. The bars and inserts have room for more letters than the charms, so they are your best choice for names, while the pendants are perfect for initials or dates.

      Another option we offer is letter necklaces. You can get a letter cutout in gold or silver or an engraved letter pendant.

      Additionally, we have photo necklaces preserved in gold or silver frames, either round or square. These tiny adorable personalized photo necklaces are reminiscent of lockets, but with no cover, so you can always see the photo. Our photo necklaces give a modern spin to an antique form of jewelry.

      Rustic Cuff is the place to come when you’re looking for personalized necklaces, accessories, or custom bracelets for men or women.