Art Deco Custom 1.0 Silver

$ 56.00
The 1” cuffs have an overlay custom designed by you. 
Here are some tips to help you create your one of a kind cuff:
  • Our cuff creation app is best used from a computer or laptop (some tablets and cell phones will not support the app).
  • "Backgrounds" will allow you to choose from numerous different backgrounds.
  • "Color" will only apply a solid color to your cuff's background.  We highly recommend using one of our selected backgrounds to give your cuff dimension.
  • Create text via the "Add Text" button.  Your text will appear above your cuff.  Drag it down to it's desired position. 
  • We have a variety of font options.  Click "Edit Text" to choose from different font styles, colors, and to adjust the size.  Place your font by dragging and moving it around the cuff.  You can also adjust the angle of your text by sliding the bar below the "Add Text" button.
  • Text is added in layers. 
  • Preview your cuff to make sure it's perfect and then click "Continue Purchase".  You will not be able to go back and edit your cuff after this selection.
  • Remember that your cuff will wrap around your wrist and anything not centered will be less visible when worn.
By proceeding to create a cuff, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.


This is a production item.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for item to be shipped.


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