Welcome to Beyond the Cuff!

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Welcome to Beyond the Cuff!

As I am writing this, I am flying 30,000 feet above the ground. Which coincidentally is where much of my writing and creating occurs. Perhaps it is because it is one of the few moments of forced downtime coupled with very little distraction. Flying used to be a time in which I was paralyzed with fear…hoping just to get through the flight without some level of a panic attack. It has now become a space in which all of the creativity is able to flow…not to mention the incredible view. 
My days are filled with all things cuffs, texts, posts, conversations, meetings, marketing, designing, and the list goes on. Yet, there is so much more beyond the cuff. The myriad of things that go on behind the scenes. Things like laughter, learning hard lessons, more laughter, and then learning even harder lessons. One of my favorite parts of any movie is when they play bloopers at the end. It gives us a glimpse inside what it was like behind the veil of the final and perfected outcome. We are far from perfect at RC, but we thought it would be fun to have a place to let our hair down, if you will, and share with you some things “beyond the cuff.”
I have always been a firm believer that true joy comes when you land in the middle of your purpose -that thing you were created to do. Because once you land in that place, you start saying, “I get to do this” instead of “I have to do this.” It’s easy to believe that everything else that comes before that (an unfulfilling job, disappointments, closed doors, etc.) is just wasted time until you discover and start walking out your passion. Yet each and every chapter you go through is giving you the tools you need to arrive at your place of purpose.
Where you are right now is not necessarily your final destination.
It’s the path of your own story.
Your journey.
Even the hard lessons. 
Especially the hard lessons!
You may be learning things in the menial that you are going to need for the mighty. 
Every season has a reason and every chapter prepares you for what lies ahead! 
Thank you for joining us on this journey.
Jill xo

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  • Thank you Jill for sharing such meaningful insights. I am uplifted by your comments and those of others. I truly believe in your mission. I receive so much joy giving rustic cuff, uplifting others. You are amazing and I thank God for you and your inspiration.

    Janice Bart on

  • I could read what you write all day!! Love your insight! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes! I’ll join the Journey! 🍋💛

    Sharon on

  • The journey….. as we travel through each day, month, year of our life striving to find our place and purpose we must take note of each experience. Things that happen to us may not make any sense to us for year. Sometimes, we never find answers. I believe we cannot ever achieve our full potential and bless others around us without first feeling pain and disappointment, fear and loss. Be a blessing to others. Encourage and lift each other up. Thank you Jill for always encouraging us!

    Tammy Flatt on

  • “You may be learning things in the menial that you are going to need for the mighty.”
    I absolutely love that! Needed to hear that today! 😚 So excited about this blog. 😊

    Tracey Watkins on

  • Thank you for who you are and what you stand for! A friend blessed me a few years ago with my first cuff and I have been able to bless others through YOU~thank you! May God continue to BLESS you, your family and your company!
    Selfish request (ha!) I would love to see a pearl type Ireland to wear with my white pearl Stephanie.

    Cynthia Patterson on

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