The 5am Club

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The 5 am Club

Last month I picked up a book at the Orlando airport titled The 5 am Club. I was fascinated by the title since I assumed it must be referring to those people who are forced to get up to catch an early flight.

When I was attending undergrad in Tulsa, Oklahoma, my family still lived in Pensacola, Florida. My twin brother, Jeff, and I would make the 14-hour drive back and forth on holidays and spring/fall breaks.

Jeff would insist we get up and start the journey at 5 am so we could be home at a decent time.  Everything inside of me fought against an early departure because my middle name was “night owl.”

And night owls don’t embrace the life of an early bird so well. What was it about the early bird that allowed and propelled their feet to get out of bed and start chirping that early?

There must be a secret that they all share.  Something that the night owls are perhaps not privy to.  I wanted to be let in on this secret that gave them magical powers to arise so early every day.

And now they have formed THEIR OWN CLUB?

I have heard it said that one of the common threads of the most successful people in the world is the fact that they start their day off before the rest of the world does.

Many reasons are given for this:

        1.      Starts a habit of discipline that spills over into many other areas of their lives.
        2.      They can think, create, design, plan, etc. with a fresh and clear perspective that no other time of day can give.
        3.      Almost zero interruptions at that hour.

All of which are extremely credible reasons and I don’t doubt the validity of any of them.

I propose a brand new Club.
For the millions of us that understand there is joy to be found in the 2 am hour.

The space between midnight and 2 am is a sacred space.
It’s the time that startups are born.
It’s the space in which lives are changed via new products found in infomercials.
It’s the winding down time to reflect without the sense that the rest of the world is on the verge of waking up at any moment.
The phone is silent.
The texts are almost non-existent.
It’s rare to receive an email at 2 am.

Which is why I am starting a new Club.

The 2 am Club.

For all of the night owls,
my two girls included,
who find calm and creativity during the middle of the night.
For those of us who kick and scream at the thought of getting up before the sun rises,
Yet come alive in the still of the night.

Welcome to the 2 am Club.
It is the time when Rustic Cuff was born and still the time that some of the best ideas are planted deep within me.

So, take heart.
Just because you aren’t part of the elite early riser club doesn’t mean your path will not be laden with joy and success.

The key thing that both Clubs have is that you take the time and space to breath.
To think.
To ponder.
To pray.
To lay down the anxieties.
And to pick up the peace that God provides for anyone who asks.

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  • I love this. I am a little of both. I stay up late midnight or so during the week and later in the weekend. I get up at 4:45 on work days. And will set an alarm for 6:15 on Saturday to make a 7:45 workout.

    LeeAnn Winkler on

  • Hi Jill! I say YES! to the 2 am Club! I have always been a night owl. I love the quiet. No one needing me (much) :0) Crafting, creating , reading, praying, writing old fashioned letters. It calms me and sets me up for a good night’s sleep. I bet the 5 a.m. club is secretly a cult. And who needs that?! 😂 Love you, Jill. Hope to hug your neck someday. ❤️

    Tami Leslie on

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