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What does brave mean? 

The dictionary definition of brave is: to endure or face. The truth is, that's not what brave means. Brave means something different to everyone.

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The 5am Club

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The 5 am Club

Last month I picked up a book at the Orlando airport titled The 5 am Club. I was fascinated by the title since I assumed it must be referring to those people who are forced to get up to catch an early flight.

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Start your Try.

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Start your TRY.

There are plenty of records and streaks in sports, but one of the most amazing of all time is the 2,632 Major League Baseball games played by Cal Ripken, Jr.
In a row.
Without missing a single game.
It began on May 30, 1982 and didn’t end until three more Presidents were elected.

Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, my family would frequently go watch the Baltimore Orioles.
The memories of popcorn, peanuts, crazy fans and dreams of catching a foul ball still seem very alive in my memory.
I have seen almost every MLB team play with the exception of just a few. 

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Welcome to Beyond the Cuff!

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Welcome to Beyond the Cuff! As I am writing this, I am flying 30,000 feet above the ground. Which coincidentally is where much of my writing and creating occurs. Perhaps it is because it is one of the few moments of forced downtime coupled with very little distraction...

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