Start your Try.

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Start your TRY.

There are plenty of records and streaks in sports, but one of the most amazing of all time is the 2,632 Major League Baseball games played by Cal Ripken, Jr.
In a row.
Without missing a single game.
It began on May 30, 1982 and didn’t end until three more Presidents were elected.

Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, my family would frequently go watch the Baltimore Orioles.
The memories of popcorn, peanuts, crazy fans and dreams of catching a foul ball still seem very alive in my memory.
I have seen almost every MLB team play with the exception of just a few. 

In my mind, I can throw a baseball at 90 miles per hour.
In my mind, I can throw a ball from third base to first base in two seconds flat.

In reality, I have never been able to throw a straight pitch…even if my life depended on it.
Yet, I continue to try.

Over the last few years, I have had two opportunities to throw out the first pitch at the Tulsa Drillers game. The first time, with nervous excitement, I practiced the entire afternoon…hoping adrenaline would carry me that evening for the actual pitch.


Adrenaline was not so kind to me.
It may have gone all of ten feet.
If that.

The second time was worse.
If that was even possible.
I, however, proved that indeed it was.

YET, I wouldn’t change a thing.
It wasn’t the distance the ball went.
It wasn’t even the speed, or lack thereof, that the ball was thrown.
What mattered is that the memory was made.

From that moment on, I decided not to be worried about the perceived failure.
I would worry more about not even trying in the first place.
If given the opportunity, WHY NOT try something NEW?
WHY NOT add a brand new memory to your list of experiences?
WHY NOT go outside of your comfort zone every now and then?

Every great accomplishment began with someone deciding to TRY.
That TRY then turns into passion.
The passion then turns into hustle.
The hustle turns into grit.
And the grit often turns into something exceptional.

So, the next time you get the opportunity to try something NEW,
Don’t ignore it.
Just embrace it.
Don’t analyze it to pieces.
It could be the beginning of something extraordinary.
And it all begins with a simple TRY.

Which is exactly what we did when we picked up the phone to start the process for getting licensed with Major League Baseball.
We said “WHY NOT?”
And the passion, the hustle, and the grit took over.
So, with nervous excitement and gratitude, we combine our love of baseball with RC and we hope you will join us in our “try” that turned into our “reality!”

Play Ball!

ps. What are some of your favorite baseball memories?







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  • On a whim I took my daughter to Boston on her birthday! Our hotel comfortably faced the city…but we decided to ‘try’ a different path for some sight-seeing.
    We went on the subway the opposite direction & landed at Fenway! Babe Ruth’s granddaughter through out the opening pitch. It was a magical evening at the ballpark. It all began with a simple “let’s TRY this way”!!!

    Tracy Freudenthaler on

  • As a child, I remember watching the Cubs on WGN with my dad. Back in the days of Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Sammy Sosa, etc. After my dad passed in 1998, I kept his love for the Cubs alive. Seeing them win the World Series in 2016 was bittersweet. Wishing I could share that experience with Dad but also hoping to one day make te bucket trip to Wrigley!

    Miranda Hampton on

  • My 2nd mom, my best friends mom, was an umpire when we were younger. We spent hours (sometimes all day) at the baseball fields, playing in the dirt & spitting sunflower seeds. She loved the KC Royals & I hope to get a KC cuff to remind me of her. #CancerSucks

    Dee on

  • So excited for these. My favorite memory is my very first time at Cardinal stadium in St. Louis.

    Jeri on

  • My parents moved to Baltimore in 1973, just after I graduated from OSU and started my first teaching job in Henryetta. When I would go to visit in the summer there was always an O’s game if their schedule allowed. After I married and had my son there was always a summer trip arranged around when the O’s were in town. One year while waiting for players autographs in the parking lot after the game, Ray Knigh, husband of Nancy Lopez, the TU women’s golf legend approached carrying his daughter. My mother who did not have a shy bone said “Mr Knight this little boy is from Oklahoma would you sign an autograph for him?” He said, “As soon as I put my daughter in the car I will”. Gert said, “I’ll hold her while you sign his program”. He said, “Lady, Nobody holds her but my wife or I”. I could have died!!! My sweet mother just couldn’t understand why he didn’t trust her! Ray Knight was gracious to my little boy and signed his program that we still have today! Go O’s !!!

    Barbara Bryan on

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