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If you can DREAM it You can DO it. That’s my favorite quote of Walt Disney’s and let’s face it, he started a multi-billion dollar empire based on America’s least favorite rodent, so…I think he was really onto something. The greatest part about dreaming is sometimes an idea can play out greater than you ever imagined…Especially if you invite other dreamers to the party and that’s exactly what has happened over the past four years with Rustic Cuff’s annual fundraising event, Project Cuffway.




What began as a light-hearted late night social media exchange opened a door to a world of creative possibilities. The question was posed from a group of Rustic Cuff friends of how they could upcycle their beautiful packaging and it quickly turned into a conversation where Jill Donovan, our Owner and CEO, challenged the group to use their stockpile of bags, pouches and boxes to create original designs. What happened next was nothing short of mind-blowing. Over a thousand people submitted designs for our team to review and the dream came to life.



These designs couldn’t go unnoticed --they had to be seen. So Jill bought a runway, created a committee of like-minded dreamers, planned an over-the-top party and sealed it all up with a mission that is near and dear to her heart; raising awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer research in honor of her dad, Bernie Reamer. We are so excited to share that as of today, Project Cuffway has raised over $710,000 for the National Pancreas Foundation and is the single largest fundraising event for this organization in the United States.



This year was the 4thyear of featuring the most innovative and eye-catching designs made by some of the most creative people we have ever met! To change things up a little this year we incorporated duct tape, bubble gum wrappers and the packaging of Jill’s favorite snack—Oreo’s! The imaginations of the designers didn’t disappoint! I don’t know how they continue to come up with such amazing designs but beyond that, I don’t know how the judges choose the winners! They are ALL so amazing as are the stories behind how they were each created. Something so special about Project Cuffway is that it not only brings people together but it ignites the imagination and reminds us that whether we are looking for a solution to a problem or designing a couture piece from Oreo cookies and bubble gum wrappers-- the possibilities are truly limitless. We just have to allow ourselves to push beyond the limits of our imagination. On the other side of that mountain is a world of possibilities, we just have to climb it sometimes.




So for those of you who were unable to join us this year, we are so excited to share some of the most amazing designs you have ever seen! We are still in the “dreaming” stage of planning next year’s event and as we take that path we look to the creative leaders who have gone before us. In the words of the man who built an empire based on a mouse, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”




We can’t wait to see where our dreams are going to lead us next...But we hope you will come along! As for the winners of this year’s competition --they were awarded a Visa Gift Card and a trip to, where else but --Disney World.


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  • Jill is certainly a dreamer and has helped me learn how to dream in new ways. It is an honor to call her my friend and be involved in in an amazing event. Being a member of A2C has transformed my life in countless ways. I am truly blessed and inspired to keep taking steps in new directions because of the encouragement from my “Cuff Sisters” and our A2C community. I look back over the years and see how much we have accomplished individually and together. I have one word INCREDIBLE. Thank you Jill the Lord has used you in mighty ways and that is simply INCREDIBLE! 💗

    Angela on

  • NOT sure where I picked up the saying but my whole life has been “don’t be afread to open the door”. If you never open it you don’t know what’s on the other side it could be something good that GOD wants you to have.
    Thank you Jill for being willing to open the door for all us so we can see what GOD has blessed you with, AN EXTRA BIG HEART.

    Jill's favorite BOB on

  • I was gifted my tickets for the 2018 Project Cuffway, and felt like Cinderella that night! I’ve never owned a formal dress in my life! I got a private message that I was being given the tickets, 3 nights before the event. I was working 2 jobs, so had no time to go shopping, not to mention I didn’t have the extra cash to spare. I posted a plea in the private group, A2C, and of course those ladies didn’t disappoint. One lady drove 50 miles to bring me a loaner dress! We had never met in person, but had become friends through this amazing group! Another friend loaned me shoes and I was ready! I had a blast and was so touched by just being among so many friends from A2C that were there for the same cause. This year, when all the talk turned to PCW, I knew I had to go! So, I gathered a few cuffs that I didn’t really wear very much and sold them and got enough for my ticket. I invited another friend to join me and off we went in search of the perfect dress! Boy did we find it! We found the sale of the century at Dillard’s in Muskogee! I actually bought 2 dresses because the prices were unbelievable! So I’m ready for next year as well! 2 beautiful formal dresses for under $50! What made this night even more special and meaningful, my friend’s mother passed away from pancreatic cancer as well, so we were able to honor her as well. Jill, I know your daddy is beaming with pride for all you’ve accomplished, but my guess would be, this one event means more to you than almost anything you’ve done so far. Thank you for including us, your A2C family, in your journey! It’s been quite a ride my friend!

    Carla Slape on

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