How would you spend your day off?

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Our weekly Monday meeting started off like any other. We engaged in the typical business matters and enjoyed time as an RC family. The meeting continued on like normal but then, all of the sudden, we were told we were getting Friday off. WOW - a whole day off? The possibilities were endless. My mind started spinning with a giant list of things I could do ... I wanted to do ... I needed to do. How would you spend your day off?

We decided to get in groups and go out and plant seeds in our community. I know what you're thinking - you get a whole paid day off and that's how you want to spend it? 

Here are some stories from our employees and how the day touched them more than the people they helped. 



"It made me feel great. It got me out of my comfort zone because it was something I wouldn't have normally done. We went to the NICU at St. Johns. We took flowers, notes of encouragement and cuffs that had the word 'hope' engraved on them. We got to talk to a woman whose son had been there for three months. She said the 'hope' cuff was perfect because they were finding out later that day if he had to be transferred to Oklahoma City for heart surgery and they had been hoping and praying he wouldn't. I loved the whole day" - Shiela




"The Friday I spent going with the girls to the shelter was awesome. One of the best parts was spending the day with girls I didn't know very well so we all bonded and got to know each other. Going to the shelter and being exposed to things I haven't ever been exposed to was awesome. The women there were so so grateful. They just appreciated our time and obviously the gifts. To see all the volunteers with the little babies is what touched my heart the most. That they gave their time to care for these kids while their mamas were getting help. It was an awesome day. I would do it again in a heartbeat" - Marci



"We went to a nursing home on the northeast side of town. A friend of mine who I met a few years ago, is a resident there. His name is Jamie and he is 93 years old. We spent the day with him doing whatever he wanted to do. I loved his stories and his laughter was contagious. We visited a community of people who a lot of people don't visit and often feel like they are forgotten. We loved on them and talked with them. We also brought homemade snacks and cuffs to handout to staff members. Our hearts were touched by their gratitude." - Jen


Get out in your community and make a difference. The smallest act is often the greatest blessing.

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  • I would spend my time off visiting the elderly whom get no visitors as I’ve done in the past. It brings them joy to have a friend that’s interested in them . It’s extremely lonely for these folks that have been put in nursing homes or in their own homes and have nobody that visits them on a regular basis.

    Tina Randall on

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